Representation of spring coilers, spring grinders, equipment to wind copper wires...


Optimized stress relieving process
In line belt type stress relieving ovens, vertical ovens for heavy springs, small kilns for batch treatment. "No Smoke" system (patented) to avoid fume spread.



AIM Inc. is one of the leading companies producing CNC, 2D and 3D wire forming machines.

The modular machine construction provides unprecedented machine upgrade flexibility and versatility. 2D machines are able to manufacture rectangular frames as large as 1830 mm, by simply changing frame modules.

Both 2D and 3D machines can expand to accommodate accessory machine modules :chamfering, butt welding, end forming, drilling, marking, threading, press operations.

The SmartEditorâ„¢ software is so easy to use. You can even see your part being made in 3D before actually producing it in the machine. A great help to avoid collision.

AIM Inc. serves the contract fabricators and manufacturers. In addition, the equipment supports construction, automotive, medical, point-of-purchase display, refrigeration, food service, HVAC, storage, material handling, and many other OEM manufacturing applications.


We start where others quit...
MAFU produces fully automatic distribution systems dedicated to various applications, among them the springs. If necessary a spring disentangler is provided. The parts come out on one or more outlets. A current application is the distribution of springs in a grinder carrier plate.
MAFU manufactures manual springs, rings, strip parts disentanglers. The separation is automatic, but the positioning is done by hand.
MAFU also makes robot arm handling systems, for example to empty a box and place precisely the part removed.


The most accurate spring testing equipment
- Length and diameter camera gages
- Load and torque testing equipment, specific software and SPC studies
- Camera measuring equipment for springs, wire forms and strip parts
- Motorized dereelers

Besides the standard range of equipment, MICROSTUDIO is developing custom made machines, using the video camera technology, to control springs and wire shapes.


Excellence in spring coilers manufacturing.
- CNC coilers for wire sizes from 0,1 up to 8,0 mm.
- CNC torsion springs for wire sizes from 0,25 up to 1,7 mm.
- CNC garter springs and casing coilers for wire sizes from 0,1 up to 0,9 mm.
- Garter springs screwing machines.
- CNC wires and fine tubes straigthening and cutting machines from 0,1 up to 1,6 mm.
- Tool grinders for spring coiler toolings.
SIMPLEX-RAPID, a family owned company since 1948, creates, builds and sets innovative machines. They are very accurate, ensure a high production rate and meet with the most stringent requirements.


Welcome to the grinding wheels
The company CAMFART, based in the province of Brescia in Italy, produces grinding wheels and abrasive products since 1951.
There is a wide range of products:
- spring grinding wheels
- surface, profile, cylindrical, centerless grinding wheels,
- polishing wheels
- tool sharpening wheels
- de-burring wheels
- trimming discs

CAMFART is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
Range of wheel diameters: 50 to 1500 mm
Various qualities: aluminum oxide, Zirconium, Cubitron, Abral, Silicon carbide.
Bonding: vitrified, resin (organic), rubber, sintered
Wheels can be solid or perforated, screwed or bonded.

Smart : identification system linked to the spring grinder which adapts automatically the grinding process to the wheel used.